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umnombo Institute 


Sound Bath

Umnombo Institute: is both an intellectual and a practical movement. In a climate that aims to facilitate the practical expansion of imagination, we intend to establish: alternative academic programmes for research in the arts platforms for philosophical explorations that will help to

deconstruct the constrictions that currently hamper the development of an impactful contemporary Afrikan arts


African Education 

Umnombo Institute:


is about identity and empowerment.


We seek to integrate the African Arts and to grow an Arts space that

establishes the continuity and flourishing of African knowledge systems

We want to establish a non-institutional sustainable sites for engaging


epistemology and a sense of identity


Through the arts we intend to showcase storiesstatements about people’s

needs. about what affects individuals and societies and to make social

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Lectures, full/partial  band performance, medicinal cleanings


African indigenous private and group sound bath therapy/medicine. 

Instrument  building 

Variety of indigenous instrument building workshops for individuals or teams. Frame drums, bows. instruments sold privately 


consultations for traditional culture music. producing and sound production for projects needing traditional music 

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