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"Ndinxaniwe is a contemporary adaptation of Credo Mutwa’s 'The Coming of the Strange Ones' from his internationally acclaimed collection of African tales 'Indaba, My Children'. 


The piece follows three teenagers who attend a Catholic school in the forest of a rural town in the Eastern Cape. The teenagers are troubled by a shadow of their past selves which calls them deeper into history. Through drug-induced hallucinations, the boys slip into a deep sleep and arrive in the past, at the first point of contact between the white colonialists and the Black indigenous population. There they encounter a moment of violence which reverberates to the present. 


This work is a critical analysis of the effects of patriarchal conflict, the conquest of the African continent, and its insidious effects on present-day rural boyhood".

directed by Qondiswa James ( National Arts Festival 2021)

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