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House of Reflexão


Voyaging through the history of slavery and trade in connection to current social tensions, House of

Reflexão provides a space of exchange for viewers to expel, share, reflect and meditate on their own

views through African indigenous sounds and a cup of herbal tea.


Amidst the boiling tensions and anxieties of discrimination, cultural wars and environmental issues

there is a need for spaces for conversation, textures of music and the hydration of the mind and the

spirit. House of Reflexão then offers a platform of healing not as an attempt to sugar the pill, but to

release or wrestle with these anxieties with Artist Sethembile Msezane alongside Musician

Nkosenathi Ernie Koela.


By Sethembile Msezane ( Curitiba Bienal 2019)


Live video curitiba bienal

Exploring the moment of reflection through the complexities of tea and sugar in South America 

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