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The iteration Amathetha Ntungu – Ihlombe, collectively found with Makhulu MamCube, ooMakazi Nosisi, Nolala, Mampopane, mama uMaKoela and Cebo Zuma was activated at the Restless Exuberance  symposium 2021 within the ICA. This body of work illustrated the cultural distinction between a ritual and a custom / gathering through the indigenous concept of ihlombe vs intlombe. The iteration demonstrated that in an indigenous ecology of Ngoma amongst the Cape/ Eastern Cape Nguni there exists the concept of Ihlombe. Which is the general gathering of people, Ihlombe unlike intlombe has no ritual contract. It has no priests or spiritual devotees specifically present (being amaGqirha) to preside over the ceremony, and therefore does not contain the same risk as a ritual like intlombe. 


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